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What are the functions of Chandra? (EC-010)

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As Chandra is a watery planet signifying water and is the owner of a watery sign, Kataka, when one is running through the dasa(main period) of a planet placed in Kataka or Chandras is placed in Chara(movable) signs like  Mesha, Kataka, Tula and Makara, the native gets an opportunity to go abroad crossing the oceans in the dasa(main period) of Chandra.Similarly, Chandra signifies the employment of  a person in places near waterbodies like sea or  river or in shipping industry or at harbor.

If Chandra owns the 10th house or connected to 10th house, his profession will be through/with liquids. Depending on the extent of strength of Chandra, the native can be having careers in Juice shop, mineral water, milk business, Liqour etc.

As Chandra has the moves the fastest amongst the nine planets, when he is the owner or associated with the 10th house as per lagna(ascendant) or rasi(moon sign), he gives a profession with products that perish quickly and also gains through them.

Some yogas(beneficial combinations) of Chandra do not give to good results in entirety to six lagnas(ascendants), namely, Makara, Kumbha, Tula, Vrischik, Mithuna and Kanya. Also, amongst these, Chandra does not give good results to Sani’s lagnas(ascendants) Makara and Kumbha and hence it is not possible for any yoga(beneficial combinations) related to Chandra,  to work favourably for these lagnas(ascendants).

Also, Chandra does not experience significant Kendradhipathiya  dosha(malefic effects due to owning  an angular house).

When he is in  Purnima(full moon status)   or when getting closer to Purnima(full moon) and is seated in Kataka also becoming an angular house, there will be a prominent dosha(malefic) effect. Most often he gives such malefic effects to natives of Makara ascendant  in spoiling the spouse.

It is worth mentioning here that in the 17th verse of Uttara Kalamritham, the great man Kalidasa, while analyzing the benefic and malefic aspects of planets, indicates that Chandra on a Purnima(full moon) being  placed opposite to Surya is a complete benefic almost equivalent to Guru. In this condition, Chandra will shower all the benefits to the ascendants owned by his friends.

Also there is a significant reason as to why the house wherein Chandra is placed is an unavoidable entity. In no other form of astrology practiced world-wide and only unique to Vedic astrology, is the special concept of the Udu mahadasha(major period) system involving dasha(major period) and bhukti(sub-period) is based on the placement  of Chandra in a particular star at the time of birth.

Explaining further, all the events happening in the lifetime of a person right from his birth on this planet until his death, are based on the star near the position of Chandra at the time of birth and the successive stars he would be moving to.

This is supported by Gochara or the daily movement of planets with respect to Chandra.

 Consolidation of the entire life span of humans into 9 unequal sub-divisions totaling to 120 years, to predict the events right from the lively school going phase to dependent old age , is possible only from the stars near Chandra.

While the body, mind and behaviour of a person are shaped by the radiance from planets, Chandra or Mathi, absorbs the light from a permanent star like Surya and behaves like a double reflector towards guiding the activities and events of the human beings.

Here, I am using the word “double reflector”  because while all other planets receive  the radiance from Surya, amalgamate the illumination to command the life forms in the earth, Chandra alone derives the radiance from Surya and other significant stars like Surya in the galaxy and guides the activities on the earth.

This is because of the proximity of Chandra to earth, he being the only one to earth, while the  other planets having more than one satellite. I will explain further on this topic based on my research at some other occasion. We will stop with Chandra now.

To conclude, in any horoscope if Chandra is in position to give beneficial results and he is also well placed, the following aspects will give good results to the native and will give adverse results if placed badly. These are called as Karakatuvam or significations denoting the functions  of a planet in astrology.

To put it differently, when Chandra is subathuva(beneficial) in any horoscope then it would result in favourable results in the following aspects, else if he is in papathuva (maleficence) then adverse results for the same aspects can be expected.

Mind or wisdom, mother, vegetables, flower, young girl, interest in arts, water related, sea, ship, paddy, rice, milk, silver, bronze, frequent travel, well, pond, water bodies like river, diseases like asthma, foreign travel, night, pearl, curd, white, a muhurat(auspicious) time of 48  minutes, salt, face with nice features, honey, quickly changing decisions, beauty and beautifying  products, mist, working in the night, matters relating to the western direction, aquatic lifeforms including fish, silk, fine cloth are also significations of Chandra.

When Chandra is severely afflicted, the significations as mentioned above will not be giving the desired results, then in order to minimize the affliction the following remedial measures will help.

On a Monday when Chandra is in waxing phase, during the hora of Chandra during eight to nine hours in the night(20.00-21.00 hours), a cream colour saree, like what the ladies in Kerala wear, along with a blouse, one litre of milk, one silver coin, one pearl and  two foot lengths of jasmine flower strings, placed on a stainless steel plate must be offered to a married woman of not more than 35 years near a running water body.

When Chandra is powerful in the horoscope or when he is a malefic and also weak, this remedy should not be done as it would work in the contrary.

Holy places of Chandra…..?

When Chandra is the lagna (ascendant) lord or the lord of beneficial houses in a horoscope and is weak, the strength of Chandra can be improved by worshipping in the holy shrines belonging to him.

A temple in the town  called Thingalur near Kumbakonam, is famous as the Chandra sthalam or holy place of Chandra. In this shrine, when natives with Chandra as lagna(ascendant)lord or a benefic lord, worship on the day when it is their birth star for atleast three hours(one jamam)inside the temple, then the strength of Chandra could be increased.

People living in Chennai, can visit Somanadheeswarar temple, situated in Somangalam town, on the route to Sriperumbudur from Kundrathur. It is especially rewarding to visit every Monday. A minimum of 24 minutes(one Nazhigai) should be spent inside. This shrine built by Lord Sekkizhar about 1000 years ago is famous as Vadathingalur or North Thingalur.

People from Southern districts, can visit the jeevasamadhi(tomb) of Somappa swamigal at Thiruparangundram in Madurai  and offer prayers on Monday or on a full moon day. Performing “Giri valam”(circumambulation of the hill) of Thiruvannamalai on a full moon day is also a remedy for Chandra.

Tirupati, the holy abode of the almighty, my lord, Venkatachalapathi ,rising above the stooping seven hills, who even while being thrifty in asking you to worship atleast for a second, is generous in rewarding you plentifully with the riches  as that of Kubera, beholding  mother Alarmelmanga in his Chest,  is also a place to improve the strength of Chandra.

will continue next week...(Published on 17/12/2020)

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