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When will Rasi give the benefits? (EC-009)

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There is an old proverb in tamil related to astrology, “When Vidhi fails then check the Mathi”.

The meaning of this proverb is that  when Vidhi or the basic pillar in any horoscope, the lagna(ascendant) and its lord are weak, then rasi or the placement of Chandra(Chandra is also called “Mathi” in Tamil) has to be analysed to make predictions.

An astrologer will require lot of experience and analytical abilities, to adjudge   whether the lagnadhipathi or the ascendant lord is strong or weak in any horoscope.

Superficially, even if it appears that lagnadhipathi(ascendant lord) is strong, if he is weakened in finer sub-divisions like Navamsa, lagnadhipathi(ascendant lord) would not be able to guide the native. Under these circumstances, the house where Chandra is posited or the rasi(moon sign) would function as the lagna(ascendant) and the lord of the rasi will function as the ascendant lord.

I  have seen in many cases wherein rasi lord functions  in place of a deactivated lagna(ascendant)lord. Hence, before making predictions to anyone, there is a need to accurately assess whether rasi(moon sign) or lagna(ascendant)is stronger.

As a significant conclusion, horoscopes with kalathra(7th house, marital) dosha(evil effects) indicating delayed marriage and putra(child,progeny)dosha indicating delayed childbirth, would necessarily have a weak lagnadhipathi(ascendant lord). To put it differently, in horoscopes where lagnadhipathi(ascendant lord) is strong, none of these  doshas or evil effects will occur.

In this world, for one to enjoy all pleasures, good luck through righteous means at the appropriate age, his lagnadhipathi(ascendant lord) should be strong. If the lagnadhipathi(ascendant lord) is a papa(malefic) planet then he should have attained sookshma(fine)strength according to my “sookshma(fine) strength” theory.

Papa(malefic) planets like Sani, Mangal placed directly in the lagna(ascendant) without aspect from a benefic also weakens the horoscope.

I have indicated the details of the same in my treatise on “Sookshma(finer) strength of papa(malefic) planets) and in the article series on “Ungal jathagam yoga jathagama(Is your horoscope lucky?)” written last year.

Only when lagnadhipathi(ascendant lord) gets weakened, will the doshas(evil effects) be active and good effects be curtailed. For example, when we look into horoscopes with Kalathra or Dhara dosha(Evil effects in issues relating to marriage) and Puthra dosha(Progeny related evil effects), even if the evil effects are quite significant, if the lagnadhipathi(ascendant lord) is stronger,  then the native will get married and have a child at the appropriate ages.

If the lagnadhipathi(ascendant lord) is weak in a horoscope with similar evil effects(as indicated above), there would be delays in getting marital bliss and birth of descendant to the native. In such situations, the role of lagna(ascendant) would be taken up by rasi(moon sign). Hence, our sages have always insisted on making predictions by combining the effects from both the lagna(ascendant) and the rasi(moon sign).

In the horoscopes of natives displaying blemish-less  7th and 8th houses from lagna(ascendant), but in reality there is a delay in marriage,  weak 7th and 8th houses from rasi(moon sign) can be noticed.

Under these circumstances, placements like Sani in 7th house  and  Mangal in 8th house from the rasi(moon sign), or Rahu-Kethu getting connected with rasi(moon-sign) or in 2-8 axis from rasi(moon-sign) can be seen.

In the horoscope of a native, if there are papa(malefic) planets placed in the 7th house from rasi(moon sign) or diametrically opposite to the 2nd house denoting family, (i.e)8th house, there would be delays in marriage.

As the papa(malefic) planet placed in the 8th house would aspect and weaken the 2nd house(signification of family), the placements in 8th house are also considered along with that of the  7th house. Also, this applies to the placement of a papa(malefic) planet in the 2nd house from rasi(moon sign) or in the rasi(moon sign) itself.

In a majority of horoscopes, with occurrences  like  delayed marriage or proceeding to divorce are observed, there would be placements of Mangal in 7th house, Sani in 8th house, Mangal in 2nd house, Sani in 7th house and both of them being placed along of Rahu and Kethu in  either 2, 7 or 8 houses.

As these effects would last for 33 years in  the case of males and 30 years in the case of females, natives with such combinations get married only after these periods. If the marriage takes place before the indicated years, it leads to two lives. Sometimes this time period extends to 35 years for males and 33 years for females.

Like in the case of signification of 7th house, in some horoscopes it can be seen that the profession of the native does not match with the signification of 10th house from lagna(ascendant). If such an horoscope is analysed more carefully, it can be observed that the native is engaged in the profession as signified by 10th house from rasi(moon sign).

For example, if a person asks a question whether he could study medicine, when there is no association of Surya, Mangal and Guru with the  10th house from lagna(ascendant) , the reply could be in negative.

But, if the lagnadhipathi(ascendant lord) is weaker than rasi(moon sign), means lagna(ascendant) becoming weaker than rasi(moon sign) and its lord and the 10th house from rasi (moon sign) is owned by Mangal and a Guru aspected Surya is placed there, then our predictions would fail.

How to assess the profession of  a native?

There are only a few sets of rules spelt out in Vedic Astrology,  towards accurately predicting the profession of a native. It could be due to lesser multiplicity of profession and existence of caste-based professions in earlier times.

Most of our scriptures, indicate that the profession of the native will be signified by the lord of the house wherein the 10th house lord (from rasi chart) is placed in the Navamsa. But, in my investigation, spanning for more than 30 years, this rule could not be applied even to 10% of the horoscopes.

Similarly, lagna(ascendant)lord is stronger only in 10% of the horoscopes. This implies that in this world, only 10% of the people are fortunate to enjoy all the comforts without any effort. All others are born to achieve only after a struggle.

Hence, the combination for profession in 90% of the horoscopes, will be based on , What is the nature of his 10th bhava(house) from rasi(moon sign)? Is it a Chara(Moving), Sthira(Stable) or Ubhaya(Dual) sign? Which elemental nature can be attributed, Fiery, Earthy, Airy or Watery? Is 10th house Mesha or a Chara fire(moving fire)? Is it Kanya or a Ubhaya earth(Dual nature earth)? Is it Vrischik or Sthira water(Stable water) and who is the owner, Is he a Papa(malefic) or Subha(benefic)? What is his nature, character and behavior?

Apart from this, the profession can be judged more or less accurately, by combining the effects of the aspects to 10th house and with the planetary conjunctions  of 10th lord.

There is nothing that is very simple in astrology. As the final outcome is ordained by almighty, how much ever accurately you are able predict, the predictions of an astrologer are certainly not 100% accurate.

In some situations, when lagna(ascendant) lord and rasi(moon sign) lord happen to be one and the same and the 10th house lord from lagna(ascendant) and rasi(moon sign) has been ruined, it would be difficult to adjudge the profession of the native. Under such circumstances, the dasa(main period) lord will take up the responsibility of ensuring the career prospects of the native.

It is in such situations that natives do not stick to a profession and keep changing to different professions everytime with the changing major dasa(period).

will continue next week...(Published on 10/12/2020)

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