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Our scriptures specify that Sani and Surya are significators of career for the native.

The variation between Surya and Sani is in that Surya will make an employer while Sani will make an employee,  that means the former will be authoritative while the later will be taking orders.

More precisely,  if Sani attains Sukshma(Intricacy) strength and is connected with 10th house signifying career, then the native even if in higher positions will  be taking orders from another person. Surya when connected with 10th house, will be taking independent decisions and working autonomously and in some cases will be the owner or the boss himself.

It is hence told that Simha(Leo) and Surya should not be spoilt for a native to significantly accomplish in his career.  Surya and Mars attaining digbala(directional strength)in 10th without sthanabala(positional strength)  are by itself capable of making one a very big entrepreneur.

Just as Surya is significator of authority or in other words POWER, he is also the significator of POWER or electricity. When Surya is subathuva(propitious) and connected to 10th house, one will find careers in  electricity and related departments.

Income through sale of electrical gadgets and working as electrician are all significations of Surya. Similarly, for a person to be a farmer growing wheat and also benefit by the sale of wheat, a strong Surya is a must.

In theology, if we try to analyse the role of Surya, if he is propitiated, he makes one a staunch devotee of lord Shiva.  In Tamil Nadu, ancient adheenakarthas(pontiffs) and Sivachariars(Saiva gurus) who are in the service of Shiva generation after generations  are also blessed with a strong Surya.

In Vedic Astrology, planets attaining Vakragathi(retrograde) is an important phenomenon. The main reason for this retrogression is Surya.  Vakram or retrogression means a reverse motion and when a planet is in retrogression, it does not give the desired effects.

Generally, panchabootha(five elemental) planets situated in houses 5 to 9 counted from Surya attain retrogression. If a planet is placed at 7th  position(Opposite) from Surya, one can tell with certainty that the planet is in retrogression. Chandra, Rahu and Kethu are exceptions  and do not have retrogression.

As Budha considers Surya as his close friend, there are more benefits when Surya combines with Budha.  But since Sukra considers Surya his enemy,  Surya  will disturb the karakathuvam(significations) of Sukra, when they combine.  When conjoined with Chandra, Mangal and Guru, Surya will give favourable results.

Surya that affects Sukra, will get decimated when conjoined with Sani. This only reflects the fact that even though illumination is known to drive the darkness away, a profound darkness has the potential to swallow even the greatest illumination.

To prove this further, Surya gets weakened in the proximity of  Rahu. The same is true with Kethu. The conjunction of Rahu and Kethu with Surya and Chandra is only termed as Grahana or eclipse. This indicates the weakening of both the planets and  losing their strength.

As a important rule, in a horoscope the bad effects due to ownership  of the evil 8th house or  being the lord of 8th house does not apply to Surya. Which means, Surya does not cause injuries like accidents similar to other planets when owning the 8th house, especially for Makara(Capricorn) ascendants.

This is because, panchabootha(five elemental )planets like Guru, Sukra, Budha, Mangal and Sani  will always be associated with one good house and one bad house each in anyone’s horoscope. But as Chandra and Surya own only a single house each, they do not get Ashtamadhipathiya(owning the 8th house)dosha.

Another intricacy is in that Sani Bhukti(sub period) in Surya Dasa(main period) and Surya Bhukti in Sani Dasa do not give beneficial results to the native. The same is true in the case of Chandra Bhukti too.

Our sages have indicated Guru, Sukra followed by Surya, Chandra and Sani as bitter rivals amongst the planets. The placement of houses of Surya and Chandra, (i.e.) Simha(Leo) and Kataka(Cancer), opposite to Sani’s house, Makara(Capricorn) and Kumbha(Aquarius) ascertain this fact.

Our sages concisely explained the rivalry between  Surya and Sani, portraying them to be  father and son. To put it differently, just as the illumination and darkness are opposites,  to radiant planets Surya and Chandra, Sani depicting darkness devoid of any illumination,  is considered as an opponent.

Surya attains exaltation or great strength  in the first 20 degrees of Mesha(Aries). Surya attains a Moolatrikon status, which is in between exaltation and ownership,  in the first 20 degrees of Simha(Leo) and has a status of ownership in the remaining 10 degrees of Simha(Leo).

As Chandra happens to be his close friend, he does not lose his strength in Kataka(Cancer). Similarly houses owned by Guru, Meena(Pisces) & Dhanus(Saggitarius)  and owned by Mars, Mesha(Aries) and Vrischik(Scorpio) are his most favourable houses. Houses owned by Budha, who considers Surya as his best friend, Mithuna(Gemini) and Kanya(Virgo) are also houses favourable to him.

Makara(Capricorn), Kumbha(Aquarius) and Rishaba(Taurus) are houses that weaken his valor. At the same time, as Surya would be able to view Simha when placed in Kumbha , if he attains Subathuva(propitious) will give beneficial results.

Surya attains debilitation in the first 20 degrees of Sukran’s Thula(Libra).  It would be difficult to estimate his strength in the last 10 degrees of Thula(Libra) , if placed beyond the debilitated state.

Our predictions will misfire especially,  when we judge Surya, the ascendant lord, to be debilitated, when beyond 20 degrees, for natives born in Simha(Leo) ascendant. Hence, it is important to assess the degree-wise position of Surya. Generally, it is always better to assess the planets degree-wise when we need to estimate either exaltation or debilitation.

Also, Surya’s highest point of exaltation corresponding to highest strength occurs at 10 degrees of Mesh(Aries) and the lowest point of debilitation or the weakest strength occurs at 10 degrees of Thula(Libra).

To conclude, Surya is the significator for the following aspects in any horoscope. Surya when favourably posited will assure good results and conversely will not give good results when unfavourably placed.

Father, Male, Authority, Fire, King, Eye, Government Job, Pungent taste, Eastern Direction, Ability to act, Reddish orange colour like fire, Fever, Head, Copper,Mercury,Electricity, Medical Science, Seeds, Forest, Kshatriya Sect, Paternal relatives, Biliary diseases, Diseases related to head like headache, Daytime, Lord Shiva, Penance, Wheat, Ruby, Peacock, Chariot, Light, Travel, Medicines, Sunday, Interest in politics, Honey, Heart, Thief, Poison, Cheating using magical acts, diseases due to heat are all signified by Surya.

Amongst the Navagraha(nine planets) sites, Suriyanar Kovil, is the primary remedial site for Surya, near Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu.  Eswaran temple established by Sekkizhar  in Kolapakkam near Porur in Chennai, has become famous as Vada Suriyar(North Suriyanar) temple. Also, the deity in Gyayiru village near Redhills in Chennai is also  bestows the grace of Surya. Beyond religious connotations, it can be said that  another remedial measure for Surya is to give away a certain quantity of wheat  during the hora of Surya during 13.00 to 14.00 hours, on Sunday mid noon. This will ward off the evil effects of Surya and bestow the native with goodness. On the contrary, if these are done when Surya is strong, the good effects will be harmed.

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