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Generally, as Surya is supposed to lead an establishment, natives can lead and head an institution only when Surya is powerful in the horoscope. Be it a very small establishment or a mega unit, to lead and steer the organization the grace of Surya is essential.

More precisely, Surya attaining strength by being in digbala(directional strength) when in 10th house gives better benefits than Surya attaining sthana bala(positional strength).

I have seen many horoscopes wherein the natives born with Kataka(Cancer)ascendant with Surya  exalted in 10th house becoming I.A.S. Officers receiving instructions from natives with ascendants in ubhaya (dual)signs who have become peoples’ representatives.

Similarly, all yogas do not give good results to all ascendants. A planet in a position to give yoga(benefit) has to be a mitra(friend) of the lagnadhipathi(ascendant lord) to provide the reward completely.

Accordingly, Surya will bestow first rated yoga to natives born in Simha(Leo) ascendant and rasi(moon sign) also to natives born in ascendants and rasis to which he is a yogadhipathi(benefic planet) like Mesha(Aries), Vrischik(Scorpio) and Dhanu(Saggitarius). The second best beneficiaries will the natives born in Budha’s(Mercury) Mithuna(Gemini), Kanya(Virgo) and Chandra’s  Kataka(Cancer), Guru’s Meena(Pisces), who consider him as their friend.

In our body, Surya signifies the eyes and specifically  he signifies the right eye. He is also responsible for bones and heart. When  Surya  gets connected with 6th lord and  the 2nd  bhava which signifies the eyes, then natives will  acquire deficiencies in vision and  diseases of the eye.

This plight can happen with Meena(Pisces). It is not beneficial for Surya to attain exaltation for Meena(Pisces) ascendants. Weak Surya is the cause for some to wear spectacles right from a very young age. Similarly, when Surya gets connected to 6th house, he would bestow cardiac and pulmonary ailments leading to by-pass and other surgeries during his dasa(period) and bhukti(sub-period).

I have told that Surya is the chief in our Astrology.  Accordingly, Surya has the maximum strength amongst all the planets. Scientifically speaking, Surya is not a planet. He is only a star capable of giving  own luminosity. It is not that our sages were not aware that he is a star. In Aryabhatteeyam, great scholar Aryabhatta exclaims, “ there are Suryas in all the directions” to denote the stars in the universe.

As the chief of planets should be depicted only as a planet and since Surya has been responsible for the genesis of the planets, he is depicted as the head and as a planet by our sages.

But when the strengths of the planets are sorted, Surya will be pushed to third position. Rahu and Kethu would occupy the first two.

This is because, even while Surya is  responsible for the creation of navagraha(nine planets), bestowing them with his illumination, giving life to the earth and  living beings in the earth,  as his illumination to the earth can be briefly hidden by  Rahu and Kethu during a Grahan(eclipse), they are given top slot amongst the planetary strengths.

As per the proverb “Every might in the world has his match”, conjunction of Surya with Rahu or Kethu, weakens Surya. At the same time, any planet other than Rahu and Kethu coming closer to Surya will be weakened by asthangatham(combustion).

Modern day Science has proved that Guru reflects twice as much illumination it receives from Surya. Guru is considered as the Principal Subagraha(benefic)  because of this phenomenon.  In spite of this attribute, Guru will lose all his strength while getting closer to the great illuminator, Surya.

I have explained  on several occasions that aspect of a planet only refers to their  range of illumination. Just as our eyes get blinded while coming closer a magnificent glow, the reflected radiance of planets gets submerged in the brilliance of Surya. This is why our sages have indicated that the planets in asthangatha(combustion) do not have the aspectual strength.

When the planet in asthangatha(combustion) loses all its strength and surrenders to Surya, then the effects to be provided by the planet will be accomplished by Surya during his dasa and bhukti.

Especially, Budha and Sukra travel closely with Surya and are likely to be in asthangatha(combust) quite frequently.  Sukra, within about 9 degrees before and after Surya and Budha within 11 degrees would be weakened. Some scriptures indicate that Budha is exempted from asthangatha dosha.

An exception to rule is that planets in asthangatha would not get weakened, when they are in parivarthana(mutual exchange).

Just as rasi is signified by Chandra, lagna(ascendant) is signified by Surya.

For this reason, calendar months were divided based on the movement of Surya. Chithirai(Chaitra) is the month when Surya traverses from the 1st to 30th degree of Mesha(Aries). When Surya moves to the 31st degree, entering Rishaba(Taurus) Vaigasi(Vaishaka) month begins. To put it in a nutshell, the twelve rasis are nothing but twelve months.

A lagna or ascendant approximately lasts for 2 hours only and in the month of Chithirai(Chaitra), which indicates that Surya is in Mesha(Aries), the lagna(ascendant) at the time of Sunrise will be Mesha(Aries). Similarly for each month, the rasi in which Surya is present would be the first lagna(ascendant).

Surya denotes father in any horoscope. The status of father of the native can be deciphered from the position of Surya, 9th house and its lord in the horoscope. If papagraha(evil planets) like Sani, Rahu occupy the 9th house and Surya is also afflicted, then during the dasa bhukti of those planets or of Surya will affect the father.

When planets like Rahu, that cause Surya to lose its dignity, get closer, native will not have benefits or affection from father. When Surya is strengthened by benefics, native would have an exemplary father. Further, when Surya is connected to 10th house, the native will take up the career of the father and continue for long years after father.

When Surya and Sani are conjoined or aspecting each other, it can be told that the native and his father will not be in good relationship. Unless one of them is sanctified(Subathuvam) no change is possible in the supposition.

In some situations, Surya being in 9th bhava without beneficial aspect leading to “Karaho bhava naasti”(Signifcator placed in the signifying bhava destroys the bhava), or when conjoined or aspected by Sani, would lead to death or separation from father at young ages. If there is small change in status of planets, then it would indicate a worthless father.

Also, Sani placed in Simha(Leo) does not yield beneficial results as Surya is also the signifactor of career, and Sani being in the house owned by him is not favourable for career aspects.   

When does Surya give Neecha Banga Rajayoga(attaining rajayoga in debilitation)

When Surya is in debilitation in Tula(Libra), his debilitation does not extend beyond the first 20 degrees. If he happens to be squaring with Chandra or Sukra, his owner, squares with Chandra, then his debilitation is removed. But, attainment of rajayoga happens only when he is conjoined with Uccha(exalted) Sani.

Similarly, when placed in his friend Mangal’s star,  3rd Pada of Chitra, attaining vargottama(occupying same rasi in rasi and navamsa charts), also in parivartana(mutual exchange)with Sukra, conjoined with Sani , squaring with Chandra and the lagna(ascendant) lord being a friend will bestow results much above Uccha or exaltation or Neecha Banga Rajayoga  effects during his dasa. will continue next week...(Published on 05/11/2020)

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