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Rajayoga by Surya – (EC-003)

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In the previous chapter, I had indicated that the strength of planets as defined by Vedic Astrology is not acceptable to Science.

The planetary positions in astrology are based on geocentric approach as per our outlook. If we could add further, this explains why Jupiter gives more illumination to earth when in Kataka(Cancer) than when it is in Makara(Capricorn).

Similarly, our sages have been able to decipher the variations in the radiance offered by planets when positioned in various signs of zodiac thereby suggesting a  classification of the status of planets as Uccha(exalted), Neecha(Debilitated), Swagruha(Own sign), Mitra(Friendly) and  Shatru(Enemy).

We , on earth, will be able to experience these effects directly  from Surya.

As the twelve months are based on transition of Surya across twelve signs of zodiac, Mesha(Aries) truly  depicts the month of Chithirai(Chaitra) and Tula(Libra) will depict the month of Aipasi(Ashwina).

It is apparent that when Surya is strong being in Uccha or in exaltation in Mesha(Aries) in the month of Chithirai(Chaitra), his rays torments the earth with excessive heat.

Similarly, when Surya is weakened being Neecha or in debilitation in Tula(Libra) in the month of Aipasi(Ashwina) his rays are not available for earth owing to cloudiness. This phenomenon is just  sufficient to prove the strength of planets,  as told in astrology.

Another supposition in astrology is that, planets interact amongst themselves to give beneficial combinations which give the desired yogas(conjunctions)to the mankind.

The word yoga in Sanskrit refers to combination or conjunction. In that “Rajayoga” refers to the combinations/conjunctions leading to be the Raja or the king.

A number of astrologers, while scrutinizing the horoscopes, will indicate the presence of  this rajayoga that rajayoga etc. based on certain combinations. But, actually there might be only one in a lakh or crore who would be able to his powers as a king. Rajayoga to really wield authority is bestowed by Surya. This is supported by Chandra.

For a person to really enjoy the benefits of a Rajayoga to be king or exercise powers like a king, Surya should be strong in his horoscope. Here, my reference to strength is to Surya and also to Simha(Leo), the house owned by Surya.

I have seen this aspect in horoscopes of politicians and authoritative officers like I.A.S and I.P.S, who wield power.

Also, as Surya and Chandra are radiant planets and that Chandra reflects the light received from Surya, in a propitious horoscope, Chandra should be placed in Kendra(square position) to Surya. This means that Chandra should placed either combined or in fourth, seventh or tenth place from Surya so as to be able to reflect his luminescence.

More importantly, even if Surya and Chandra occupy Kendra(square) position to each other, if these houses happen to be the Kendra houses to Rasi or Lagna in the horoscope this gives rise to Rajayoga of supreme quality.

When Surya is in digbala(directional strength) occupying 10th house, the house indicating the profession or the means of livelihood of the native,  or the adjacent 9th or 11th  houses being closer to digbala, native would be blessed with a Rajayoga of ruling the land for long years.

As Chandra attains digbala in 4th house, position of Surya in 10th house or adjacent houses and Chandra in 4th house or adjacent houses being able to get the complete luminescence of Surya is also a good arrangement.

Our scriptures categorize Surya as semi-Papagraha(Evil planet). Nevertheless, being a papagraha, as per the “Papagraha intricate strength theory”  that papagraha being in digbala gives it a better dignity, hence it is better if Surya is in digbala than attaining direct sthana bala(positional strength) by way Uccha(exaltation) or Ownership.

Just like Surya should be strong, house owned by Surya, Simha(Leo) should also be strong. As per the hypothesis that any house gets strengthened when seen by its owner, Simha(Leo) attains greater strength when seen by Surya from Kumbha(Aquarius).

The basic implication of this fact is in that natives born with Surya in Kumbha( born in the Maasi(Magha) month)) are bestowed with abilities to hold high offices in Government and Politics. Moreso,  these effects also apply to natives with Subha graha(auspicious planet) Guru placed in Mesha(Aries) or Dhanu(Saggitarius) and casting a kona(triangular) effect on Simha(Leo).

Here raja or kings as per the ancient traditions currently refers to MLA or MP, a strong Surya and a strengthened Simha(Leo) will pave the way towards becoming a Minister, Chief Minister and Prime Minister.

As these positions could be held for a limited time duration of say 5 years only, strong Surya when connected with 10th house and when one is going through favourable dasas, it would lead to the native taking up influential authoritative positions like IAS or IPS as facilitators of government and making them a part of the government.

Sivaraja yoga, as spelt out by our sages, is a combination with Surya and Guru prospecting each other while being placed in 1-7 axis, bestows the native with authoritative traits. When the luminescence from Surya is consecrated and reflected back to him even while sanctifying(subathuva) and preparing for supreme position is what is given by Sivaraja yoga, when Surya and Guru are in sama sapthama(1-7 axis)positions.

In this yoga, depending on neither Guru nor Surya being debilitated,  not placed in inimical houses or not coming in contact with papa graha(evil planet),  the native will be bestowed with  a position of an ordinary government employee to Senior officer  to Minister or to Prime Minister.

Similarly, both Amavasya(New moon) yoga and Pournami(Full moon) yoga are based on Surya. Anyone having these yogas will get governmental positions even upto leading the Government.

Amavasya yoga happens when Surya conjuncts Chandra and Pournami yoga happens when Surya is in Sama Sapthama(1-7axis) with Chandra.

Since these yogas require Surya and Chandra to not get debilitated, these yogas when occurring in Tula(Libra) and Vrischik(Scorpio) rasis does not yield good results.

Instead,  Amavasya yoga in the rasis where Surya or Chandra are exalted or owning houses like Simha(Leo), Mesha(Aries), Kataka(Cancer), Rishaba(Taurus) and also do not happen to be the 6th or 8th Bhava,  is certain to receive good benefits during Surya, Chandra Dasa(Period) and Bhukti(Sub-period) .

Similarly, Pournami yoga with Surya and Chandra placed opposite in 1-7 axis is also a beneficial yoga, especially to natives born in Mesha(Aries), Kataka(Cancer), Vrischik(Scorpio) ascendants.

Moreso, as Pournami yoga also happens to be dharmakarmadhipathi yoga for natives born with Vrischik(Scorpio), will derive benefits doubly during the dasa and bhuktis of Surya and Chandra.

will continue next week...(Published on 29/10/2020)

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