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Sookshmas (Finesse) of Surya – (EC-002)

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Astrology or Jyothish is about jyothi or light.  More precisely it means “knowledge as light”. Appropriate to the  theme “Knowledge is only light” of this divine doctrine, our saints have never allowed superstitions to creep inside.

It has always been our tradition to term all precious things as god’s gift. All great scriptures and legends in our greatest religion, Hinduism, emphasize this aspect on several occasions. In many places, you might have read to about preachings by Brahma, graced by Siva to this person and so on. The eminent deep-rooted subtleties in this marvelous doctrine like karaka(cause) of planets and ownership of signs, that cannot be deciphered by human effort , have been gifted by the divinity to our great saints when they were in close contact with the supernatural during their elevated levels of penance and meditation.

A renown  mathematician in the last millennium, mathematical genius Ramanujam, has told that  his solutions to some of the challenging problems in mathematics have been obtained directly from the Prapanja (cosmos) and it is well known that mathematicians  till today have not been able to crack some of the answers based on the available theories.

Similarly in no other form of astrology practised world-wide  and very unique to Vedic Astrology,  is the demarcation of  life of human beings from birth to death into major periods/sub periods(dasa, bhukti) as suggested by Sage Parashara and deciphering the basis of  this phenomenon is still a divine mystery till date.

How did he propound the lifetime of human beings to be 120 years? Why did he not split 120 years into equal periods for each of the nine planets and on what basis did he assign 7 years for Kethu(South Node), 20 for Sukra(Venus), 6 for Surya(Sun), 10 for Chandra(Moon), 7 for Mangal(Mars) 18 for Rahu(North Node), 16 for Guru(Jupiter), 19 for Sani(Saturn) still remains a big “Brahma Rahasya” or an unresolved mystery.

Beyond that Sage Parashara has also bestowed the classification of the major  periods of influence in years into sub-periods of effects of all other nine planets in months. Further the sub-periods are divided into effects of the nine planets lasting in weeks called as Antaras. The Antaras are further sub-divided into  nine periods signifying  impacts of nine planents lasting in days, hours ,minutes upto seconds termed as Sookshma, Prana and Chitra sub-periods  respectively. This is perhaps the most complex  mathematical equation in the history of mankind.

How Parashara has fixed the number of years of influence to each planet is being explored by many. During a few years of my research to explore this ideology, I was permitted to know as to how the nine planets are classified by our saints as Shubha(Good) planets  and Papa(Evil)  planets also the basis and the sequence.

The results of this research have been published by me in magazines including  “Trisakthi Jothidam” and “Balajothidam” in 2011. These can be viewed in my website too (

Surya or Sun is the leader of astrology.  We, the earth, which is the basis of our genesis and existence,  and the “pancha bootha”(five  elements) planets like Guru, Sukra, Budha, Mangal and Sani have originated from this greatest  aura.

All the planets derive the light from the Surya and reflect it to other planets even while receiving the reflected radiance from other planets. The integration of light in this “give and take”  has led to the genesis of life forms in this world.

The basic doctrine of astrology has been that all the life forms and their activities, human beings and his thoughts in this world are influenced, governed and controlled by the illumination of Surya and other bright stars and planets.

Light is ….. life

Our Hinduism gives more prominence to this fundamental illumination. Surya, the reddish object “Sivam” is revered  first and foremost in Hinduism, the world’s  first and ancient religion.

If Surya is absent, it’s glow is absent, then this earth, planets, you, me and not even a tiny herb or shrub  will be there anywhere.

Since our ancestors have recognized the greatness of luminescence, they have taught every Hindu to light the lamps at the time of sunset in the evening.

As  Surya, showers light during the day and Chandra illuminating us in the night by deriving light from Surya, help in our well-being, they have been considered as the primary planets in astrology specifically designated as the father and the mother.

It is for the same reason that our sages have devised that  Surya attains exaltation or full vigour in the first sign of Mesha(Aries) and Chandra in the second sign of Rishabha(Taurus) amongst the 12 signs of zodiac.

To put it differently, the time when Surya is blazing with full strength in the month of Chitra(Chaitra) its designated sign, Mesha(Aries) has been set as the first sign of the zodiac. In the month of Karthika on the day of Krithika Star(Pleiades) when the Purnima(Full moon) Chandra  grandly glitters in the reflection of Surya in sign of Rishabha(Taurus), it was designated to be the sign of exaltation of Chandra.

In astrology, the luminous planets Surya and Chandra are considered  as the foremost amongst the nine planets.

The 360° elliptical orbit, the earth takes around the Surya, was divided into twelve equal signs  of zodiac by our sages. Astrology propounds that some planets get strengthened while some others get weakened when they navigate this path.

Vedic astrology has observed that in this orbit, planets occasionally lose their glow  at some signs and  their luminescence fluctuates.

This is called as Sthana Bala or positional strength and astrology classifies the attributes of planets as exaltation, moolatrikona, ownership, friendship, equal, inimical and debilitation.

According to vedic astrology, for example, when Guru(Jupiter) is in Makara(Capricorn)sign, he loses all his vigour. Sani(Saturn) becomes stronger in sign of Thula(Libra). While Budha(Mercury) attains vitality in Kanya(Virgo), on the contrary,  Sukra(Venus) loses all his might and gets destroyed  in this sign.

To put this differently, whenever these planets enter the aforementioned signs, it can be construed that the ability to reflect  the radiance they receive from Surya to earth differs.

But, people who dislike astrology do not agree to this proposition of planets getting strengthened in one sign and getting weakened in another. They argue that all planets have the same strength always.

Modern Scientists, who admit to have understood only a small fraction of the  cosmos and do not hesitate to admit that lot more is yet to be known, fail to appreciate when it comes to explanation of planetary strengths in Indian Vedic Astrology.

But, the proof of the doctrine of planetary strength as emphasized by astrology is also linked with Surya.

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