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Astrology: A Divine Secret (EC-001)

Astrologer Aditya Guruji

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It can be affirmed with certainty that astrology is a divine secret and there is never a second opinion to this fact to the one who knows astrology.  Vedic astrology clearly reiterates that  “Events are pre-destined” , the day the moment you are permitted to enter this world at this place and until the time you are expected to leave, all the events are pre-determined.

It is certainly ordained in astrology that you are chosen to read the writings of this simple person named Aditya Guruji…. now!!

Isaac Newton, a widely acclaimed scientist in the history of mankind, once said….

I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the seashore, and diverting myself in now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me”

Astrologers are also analogous…!

All the students in a class do not secure a centum. At the same time, the one who scores a centum or one who fails by getting just 10 marks in the examination are termed as  a student.

In the same manner, in the field of astrology all astrologers are not comprehensive.  There is no demarcation between those giving wrong predictions and ones giving accurate predictions  and all are simply called  as astrologers only.

This is the fault of astrologer and not of the doctrine called astrology.

The ability to predict signifies the skill of an astrologer and makes one either an expert or falter in assessment. The edifice of astrology rests on accurate prediction of existence of nine planets on twenty seven stars spread over twelve signs of zodiac.

This splendid faculty, called astrology, proclaiming your futuristic happenings,  will pin the events at that particular location, even while offering  four or five paths to you to reach the location but will leave the choice of path to you discretion.

The challenge before an astrologer lies in identifying the most excellent path.

The divinity undoubtedly buries the future  in the horoscopes and dares the practitioners of astrology to “reveal if you can”.

The  moral confidence of an astrologer is revealed in decoding this secret divination hiding deep  inside in a particular horoscope, crying loudly “grab me”, atleast partially.

Astrology is a combination of calculation and prediction. An astrologer can fail in prediction but certainly should not falter in calculation.

Astrology is entering deeply  towards the microcosm in tiers of nine …  further down… and still further down … and so on until eternity.

In several horoscopes, though it may not be possible to predict the future events  beforehand, it would be certainly possible for a holistic  astrologer to 100% ascertain astrologically as to why and how the event has occurred.

This is the greatest magnificence of astrology.

One more specialty of this divine philosophy is that if one learns astrology just to disprove the philosophy, ultimately unravel the truth inside and end up in proclaiming that this is undoubtedly a divine secret with brilliance to predict the future.

Famous writer and eclectic genius  Late Thiru Tamilvaanan, in the preface of  his book on astrology, “Jothidam Katru Kollungal(Learn Astrology)” would have explained beautifully how initially he being a complete non-believer of this philosophy and  how he made a turn around to write the book.

There is no scope of superstition in this great ideology which has connectivity only with divinity and computability.

The saints who have bestowed astrology  have been careful to  neither include superstitious words nor to suggest any incredible procedures in the scriptures.

Planets  meticulously revolving around Surya( sun), their leader Surya himself, have all been personified as gods by the saints for ease of conveying to the disciplines,  younger ones in particular.

Towards elucidating and explaining the actions of objects that are imperceptible and unreachable  to their young disciples, the saints have chosen to personify them as someone standing   across.

For the same reason, every planet has been personified  to be with companions and their satellites were embodied as their sons.

Instead of a circuitous explanation that “Mandi (TITAN) is a satellite of Saturn, that revolves around Sani(Saturn) and is always found with Sani” it would have been  easy to explain in a single phrase that “Mandi is the son of Sani” particularly to a student without a pen and a paper.

Wouldn’t  the expression that “Sani is lame because Yama hit him” would  be more effective to tell that Sani is quite distantly located in the Solar System and revolves around the Surya very slowly…..?

I can very clearly explain the wonderful hidden scientific basis behind  such descriptive stories of planets, husband, wife, sons and other relations by our Saints in the Scriptures.

Behind the story that Chandra(Moon) has 27 wives and he loves Rohini(Aldebaran) the most, are the underlying astrological facts  that Chandra is the only satellite of earth,  the total stellar constellations are 27 and Chandra will gain strength  in the full star in Rishabha (Taurus) sign in Rohini.

It is also the beauty of Indian Astrology to be able to uniquely decipher the secrets of  Vedangas and Universe implanted in the form of many such stories in the Vedas.

Similarly, if everything is pre-destined and these events are going to happen to me, why are remedies required? It is contradicting?...

I will explain such subtleties in astrology in detail in the subsequent Chapters

will continue next week...

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